Your time is precious. It belongs to your business, and branding & design isn't your biz. 

The Social System relieves service-based female solopreneurs (like you!) the stress of showing up on social media, while naturally building your influence and gaining the trust of those indulging into your content.

After The Social Solution is applied to your brand, you can finally stop worrying about your social media and spend more time focusing on your actual business.

The Social System is a strategic branding experience that relieves you the stress of constantly showing up online and allows you to focus on your craft while producing quality content and attracting a tribe who looks forward to seeing your content.

Where you are now:

You're hesitant to send people to your social media accounts because your online presence doesn't reflect how you want your brand to be perceived.

You need to focus more on growing your brand and catering to YOUR clients, rather than trying to DIY your social media branding & online presence.

You're not quite sure whom you're speaking to online,  & feel that your message sometimes gets lost with the crowd. 

Where you could be:

You're confidently plugging in your social media and website any chance you get. You know that your appearance is a sight to see.

You know what you're going to post on social media weeks before it's time, and you're able to dedicate the time you used to spend DIYing, catering to your clients & growing your business.

You know your target audience to a T, and you know how to speak to them! You even have client profiles created from your best clients. Impressive 😉.


Here's what you'll get with
The Social System:

  • Social Media Audit & Content Strategy Power Session

  • One (1)  Lead Magnet (Freebie, Checklist, Guide, etc.)

  • Two (2) Collateral Marketing Items

  • Complete Branding Identity

  • Consumer Profile

  • One-Pager

Timeframe of Completion

The timeframe to complete The Social Solution is 5-7 weeks AFTER the discovery phase is completed. Please note: The Social Solution is broken up into three phases: Discovery, Framework, and Design.

The Investment

The total investment of The Social Solution is $1800. There are two ways this can be paid:

  • A $500 deposit and four (4) Biweekly payments of $350
  • or a 30% ($540) deposit & 4-monthly payments of $315

What else will I need to pay for?

During the project, you will need to pay for: a premium plan on the website host that we use, your domain, and any additional apps or marketing plugins that we decide on together. Other additional costs include:

  • Brand Photography
  • Copywriting

Ready to get Social?

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