Branding so effective, your client's intuition instantly tells them that investing in you is a no-brainer. 

The Seamless Brand creates a branding identity that effortlessly positions you as the go-to person, attracting high-ticket clients who are obsessed with your work.

Once we're done working together, your new seamless brand will communicate your value, allowing you to focus on best serving your audience.

The Seamless Brand is a branding experience that positions you to potential clients as the "go-to" person, attracting a tribe ready to invest in your high-ticket offers.

Where you are now:

You know that you possess an amazing skill that others will pay for, but you need an amazing look to accompany your skill.

You're tired of taking inquiries via DM, Instagram, & email, and you now need a home base to send clients who are ready to work with you.

You know you're missing out on opportunities because you aren't confident enough to sell & pitch yourself to clients due to the absence of quality branding.

Where you could be:

Your brand's identity & skill are aligned, and they both look great! Clients are flocking to you because they love what you do and how you look doing it.

You have a beautiful, strategically designed website that is built to accompany your visitors on a journey resulting in new bookings & sales 💸

You'll happily shoot your website and anything to do with your branding over to potential clients, because you know it looks good.


Here's what you'll get with
The Seamless Brand:

  • Social Media Audit & Content Strategy Power Session

  • Mobile-Friendly Website + SEO Optimization

  • 3 Collateral Branding Items

  • Complete Brand Identity

  • Lead Magnet Design

  • Consumer Profile

Timeframe of Completion

The timeframe to complete The Seamless Brand is 8-10 weeks AFTER the discovery phase is completed. Please note: The Seamless Brand is broken up into three phases: Discovery, Framework, and Design.

The Investment

The total investment of The Seamless Brand is $4500. There are two ways this can be paid:

  • An $1125 deposit and three (3) Biweekly payments of $1125
  • or a 30% deposit of $1350 & 4-monthly payments of $790

What else will I need to pay for?

During the project, you will need to pay for: a premium plan on the website host that we use, your domain, and any additional apps or marketing plugins that we decide on together. Other additional costs include:

  • Brand Photography
  • Copywriting

Ready for your Seamless Brand?

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