Any order $500 or less MUST be paid in full. Orders greater than $500 require a 50% non-refundable deposit before the project begins. All files will be sent after invoices are paid in full.

How to Pay: Upon the signing of your contract, an invoice will be sent via email or Paypal. We do not accept cash, Cashapp, or checks as forms of payment.


Any draft files or files sent during the revision period remain the property of Natural Boss Branding, LLC and are not approved to be used. Failure to adhere to this policy can result in immediate termination of your project.

Final Designs: Final designs (unmarked, unwatermarked) will not be sent until the invoice is paid in full. Upon final payment, you will receive your final files in JPEG, PNG, and PDF form. Design files (.AI, .PSD, .ID) are not to be delivered and remain the property of Natural Boss Branding, LLC.

Physical Materials: Any projects that include physical materials (prints, boxes, banners, etc) will not be ordered until after the invoice is fully paid. There are no refunds or changes to be made after order is sent to print unless the printer is at fault. In that case, we will communicate to make it right and get your order reprinted free of charge.

Concepts + Creation: Unless specified in the scope of services, we do not create content or copy for your brand. That being said, please have all copyright typed in a document (Microsoft Word, Google Docs, etc) to share with us. Please check, double-check, and triple-check for misspelling and grammar errors. We do not check for misspellings unless they are obvious, and therefore we will not be at fault if items are printed/published with spelling or grammar errors.



Web Design: In order to begin designing your website and ensuring we remain on a timely track, please refer to this list of items needed before beginning your web design. Your business may not require all of the things on this checklist, but it is up to you to decide which things you will need for your site, and which things you won't (depending on how you would like for your site to look & function). 

Also (if possible), please send all of your typed info. together in a Word document (no screenshots), or if it is easier, you may send the info. via email (please try to put as much info. as possible in a single email to cut down on the number of unnecessary emails).

Images: Please send us all of the images that you would like added to your site. Many clients opt for professional photo shoots to get the perfect images for their websites.  High-quality images will make your site pop.  However, if you do not have any, let us know & we will choose stock photos to make your home page banners look nice. 

List of Bookings/Services: If you sell services & you want clients to be able to “book” on your site, please send us the following info: the name of each service you provide; the cost of each service; the required deposit amount (if any); the length of time it takes to perform each service; your hours of operation & contact info. Please be specific with this info. Do not say things like, "between 4 & 5 hours".  We cannot enter information that way.  

Products: If you sell any products, please provide us with your product images; the name of the product; the product description (if any); the product price; size; texture; length; color; etc.  Also, please do not leave us to do the math.  In other words, please do not say things like, "add $10 to the price of the 15" and add $35 to the price of the 22" inch".  Do the math on your behalf and give us the exact price to enter for each product listing.

Wix/Shopify Login: If you have previously created an account on Wix/Shopify with your business email address, please give us the log-in information to that Wix account.

Domain:  If you do not have a domain name already, we advise you to use "Google Domains" to purchase your domain. ***If you previously purchased your domain name, we need to know where you purchased it from AND we need your login/account information so that we can transfer the domain name to your site.****

Social Media: If you would like social media accounts integrated with your site, please send the link to your social media pages.  Also, if you want to use the Instagram live feed on your home page (this is where your Instagram posts will show on your website in real-time), then please give us your Instagram username & password because we will need it in order to activate the live feed.  If you do not feel comfortable giving us this info, you can always request for us to send you the step-by-step instructions on how you can activate the live feed yourself.



Communication for the duration of the project is a must! No communication (5 business days after being contacted) after 2 attempts results in an ending to your project – no exceptions. You will be charged a $50 "restart" fee to continue work after no communication. If over 30 days, your project is forfeited, and no refund shall be issued. Your entire project will be canceled and any design will be forfeited. 


We ask that the only form of communication be done via Trello, email or text during our business hours to ensure a proper paper trail of communication in case of miscommunication or confusion.

Our hours are Monday & Wednesday, 4-8 PM & Tuesday & Thursday, 3-5 PM. We are CLOSED and unavailable Friday-Sunday. Please keep this in mind when contacting us. Any communication sent outside of business hours will be responded to by the next business day. For inquiries, please allow 2-5 business days for a proper response.

The timeframe of Work: The timeframe of work is calculated on each pricing guide. The timeframe does not include revisions. The revision stage can range from 1-10 business days, depending on communication from you and the number of revisions you request.



Finalizing: Upon the completion of our project, once you have been sent your final files, any revisions or previous concepts that were not used EXPIRE immediately and are no longer able to be used by you or your brand.


Natural Boss Branding LLC reserves the right to refuse services to anyone for any reason at any time. Submitting an inquiry does not guarantee a secured placement in our bookings.


Monday + Wednesday, 4-8PM

Tuesday + Thursday, 5-7PM

CLOSED on Weekends + Holidays