Grab your pen and paper, sis.


Building a strategy for your brand can be overwhelming, but you don't have to do it alone.


My signature 3-hour Brand Breakdown is perfect for those with starter brands who want to have a clear understanding of who they serve, and are in need of a solid framework before growing their brand any further.

Where you are now:

You're winging your brand day by day, and don't know what your next move is.

You're not quite sure who you're speaking to online OR you are tired of speaking to everybody, and you're ready to niche down to speak to your tribe.

You find yourself imitating similar brands because you're not confident in your value and can't identify how you stand out.

Where you could be:

You have an understanding of your brand's goals & know what to plan for 3+ months from now.

You know who you're serving and can develop a strategy to speak directly to your tribe, without worrying about attracting anyone who doesn't fit your niche.

You understand your value, purpose, mission, and vision for your brand. You are confident in what you provide and know how to stand out.


After the Brand Breakdown, you'll have:

  • Defined your business goals

  • Determined your brand personality

  • Developed your client persona

  • Mapped your next steps to creating a transformative brand

Let's breakdown your brand.

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